Featured in SNAP magazine

Magnolia Mid-Mod continues to get noticed for its innovative design solutions, especially in the kitchen where ergonomics and workflow were carefully considered together with the different abilities of standing and seated users. Most recently, it was featured in SNAP magazine  (Sweets News and Products), published by Architectural Record.

In the pre-internet era, you would not have found an architect's office without current copies of the Sweets catalogs in their resource library. So, it's especially flattering to have been included in the Product Specs "Accessible Design Solutions" section of this publication, which serves as a "yellow pages" and inspiration source for other architects.

(The products editor, Sheila Kim, also included a handwritten note with my copy that made my day: "Your project truly demonstrates how beauty & accessibility can coexist.")

ROM architecture studio voted Best of Houzz 2013!

If you visit us on Houzz, you will see something new on our home page.  It is a "Best of Houzz" badge, and we are so proud to have been awarded this honor!  

From Houzz:

Your company won in both the Design and Customer Satisfaction categories.  Your portfolio includes some of the most popular images on Houzz in 2012, and you ranked hightly in customer satisfaction among Houzz's 11 million monthly users.  You can see your award winning work in this "Best of" ideabook.