The Client's Time Investment

Once our working relationship is established (see GETTING THE PROJECT STARTED), the real fun begins.

“How long will the design process take?”
As a rule of thumb, the design process takes approximately the same amount of time as building the project. In other words, a project that requires 6 months to build requires 6 months to design. This does not necessarilyinclude permitting (which depends on many variables).

“How much time will you need me during design?”

Meetings  We will need to meet to review design drawings, preferably in person. This is especially important for the first design meeting and for major design milestones. These meetings are usually 1-1.5 hours long.

Most clients find it helpful to meet at their home, so that we have a visual reference of size, configuration, etc. of the spaces being considered. Sometimes it is easier to meet at your place of work, or at a nearby restaurant or coffee shop, especially if the project is a new home or is located far away from your workplace.

Homework  You will have homework, including private discussions about the drawings and ideas. You may find it helpful to continue to look for inspiration photos to illustrate thoughts you have as the design develops, and you will want to spend time researching fixtures and appliances.

Showroom Visits  Together, we will typically visit a plumbing showroom and lighting showroom. These visits are usually 1.5-3 hours long.

We may also visit tile and flooring showrooms. This is something that may be delegated to one lead “decision-maker”, and we may follow up (either separately or together) at additional tile showrooms. Ultimately, we will meet at your home to mix-and-match samples and narrow choices. The first tile showroom visit can be 1.5-3 hours, depending on the project. Subsequent visits and meetings vary with each project but are usually significantly shorter.

Tally  Many of my clients have said that they dedicated 3-4 hours per week to their project (some weeks more and some less, averaging 3-4 hours per week overall). Your decision-making abilities, both individually and jointly, are the biggest factor affecting the time investment required.