Home design books for holiday gifting

As an architect, I have read hundreds of books on home design and remodeling. If you’re shopping for the home enthusiast this holiday season, here are my top picks:


Get Your House Right is full of practical advice with visual aides that explain how to make the architectural features of your home look “right.”

How to Work With an Architect is the best book out there on the process of working with your architect from start to finish. If you have questions like, “How do architects charge? How much do they charge? Why do I need one?” this book will answer them honestly.

Trying to determine what style your house is… was… or wants to become? Looking for clues about what makes for good curb appeal? A Field Guide to American Houses was recently updated to include some current trends in home design.


A can’t-go-wrong for that person on your list who watches HGTV for hours. Pair Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Wan to Leave with a gift card to Target that can be used to purchased some of Joanna Gaines’ decor items.

This book is a field guide to the secret sauce that is Lauren Leiss’s signature style. Look for her new series on HGTV: Best House on the Block.

Written by one of the best-known design bloggers, Holly Becker, Decorate Workshop: Design and Style Your Space in 8 Creative Steps is full of inspiration and practical advice.


One of my go-to references for inspiration photos, 500 Cottages is a perfect little book for a stocking stuffer — full of vintage home eye candy.

Another book in the same series as 500 Cottages, 500 Bungalows is a great collection of historic bungalows. It’s as is someone went around every city and took photos of all the special little houses in this genre.

The latest in the popular series of books by Sara Susanka, Not So Big Remodeling is full of practical advice and photos to inspire you to accomplish more with a “not so big” approach.


The Most Beautiful House in the World will capture your heart as you follow the author through the emotional investment in building his own home.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Home is required reading for anyone considering building their own home, or remodeling one. Read it, then watch the movie starring Carey Grant. My favorite part is when the wife describes the colors she wants to the painter.

Think is must be easier if only you lived in France? L’Appart will reveal the differences.

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