Project Update: Woodinville

Finishes have started being installed at the Woodinville project.  I rarely post photos at this stage of construction because much of the fun stuff gets covered to protect it from damage, leaving me with photos of things wrapped in cardboard with blue tape. 

During design, I did some quick sketches to help the homeowners visualize the shape of the indoor pool area and also to coordinate locations of the air registers with the mechanical engineer. 

Here's one of those sketches: 

The curved beam you see overhead will support a track for transferring wheelchair users from a changing area in the bathroom to the pool.

Now that drywall is up, you can see the shape of the space in real life (although a different angle).  There is currently scaffolding being stored in the pool pit for putting the curved beam up when it arrives. 

The waterproofing and tile installation are underway.  Here is a sneak peek of the tile pattern in the bathroom area.  The large mosaic area slopes to a long, linear drain against the wall.  There will be an adjustable height tub on the left side and a showering area on the right side.  The whole room is designed as a "wet zone."  The green color you see is the waterproofing coating on the waterproof substrate, before the tile goes up.

In the master bathroom, cabinetry is being installed.  You can see the unique pattern of bamboo plywood on the face of the cabinet sides.

Although the pretty things that will be seen and touched every day are being installed and everything is moving along nicely, this phase of construction always SEEMS slow because of all the detail work that goes into the final stretch.  That, and the fact that things get covered up and protected as quickly as they can!  The first day that the homeowner will really get to see everything all at once will be the "punchlist" meeting, which is when the team gets together to create a final list of minor items that need to be completed before the contractor's final pay application is approved.

I can't wait to show you this project when it is finished!