Three Centuries of Color in 30 Seconds

TRIVIA: What was the first synthetic paint color ever produced?
ANSWER: Mauveine (purple) in 1856!

Benjamin Moore’s records of American’s most popular choice of colors over three centuries creates a language that reflects how war, peace, youth, and technology have influenced our lives and style.

Familiar earth tones which tend to be deep and warm were most common and comforting during war times. 

Cool tones became more popular when consumers valued living glamorously and women’s suffrage was finally achieved. 

Bold and bright colors came into pop culture as "flower power" and the "youth takeover" began. 

More recently, our tastes have turned to more natural colors with pops of bold.  One theory is that this satisfies a desire to balance instant gratification (technology) with a greater awareness (global concerns).

Simply said, “Color is language!”