Carol's Favorite Things: Kitchen Plumbing

  1. Kohler Vinnata Single Hole Pull-Down Faucet Pretty and practical. ($500)

  2. Insinkerator countertop air switch for your dishwasher Never confuse the disposal switch for a light switch again! ($30)

  3. Insinkerator Evolution Excel Disposal Quiet and gets it done with 1hp. ($350)

  4. Rohl Shaws Fireclay Sink The most-asked about product on my Houzz page. ($1,210)

  5. Fisher Paykel Integrated Dishwasher Drawers The top drawer is extra tall for long-stemmed glasses and larger plates. Custom cabinet drawer fronts make it blend in seamlessly with your other cabinetry. ($1,200)

Note:  Prices listed are estimated retail prices. Actual purchase price varies. Some of the links in this article are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.  All opinions are my own.

Moen vs. Hansgrohe vs. Kohler

If you are remodeling or building a master bathroom, you probably wonder what the difference is in price between some of the major brands of plumbing fixtures.  It can be a challenge to get a side-by-side comparison that includes all the parts you need because some manufacturers include accessory pieces (like the handheld shower hose or shower arm) in kits, and others itemize each piece.  

After 3 hours at the plumbing showroom - or a few too many late nights at the computer screen - you may not have the energy to really get to the answer to that question.  So, to make it easier for you - and to satisfy my own curiosity - I have assembled a list of the same types of plumbing fixtures, modern in style, for three major brands:  Moen, Hansgrohe, and Kohler.   

A few important things to note:  

  • I have attempted to include all the rough-in's on the list, but please have your plumbing showroom and/or plumber double-check the list if you decide to use this as a launching pad for your own project. 
  • I have priced these all online, directly on the manufacturer's websites, on January 11, 2011.  Prices will change.
  • Prices shown are the retail prices.  If your plumber buys the fixtures, he/she will get a trade discount.  But, by the time the fixtures reach your invoice via your general contractor, the discount will be reduced by their mark-ups, which means that you will pay close to retail.  You can split hairs if you'd like, but I think comparing retail-to-retail gives you the big picture.
  • I have priced all the fixtures in polished chrome.  As far as finishes go, this is the least expensive finish.  It is also the easiest to clean, and it never goes out of fashion.  Sinks, tubs, toilets, etc. are not included in this comparison, just the fixtures that supply water and their accessories, including:


shower bar
handheld shower
shower hose
shower control
shower valve


shower head
shower arm
shower arm trim
shower control
shower valve



  • One look at the total price of this list should help you understand why bathroom remodeling is so expensive.  Again, this doesn't include "everything," and yet the bottom line is already higher than what many home-improvement shows tease you into thinking is the total budget.  For information about what IS a reasonable budget for a master bathroom remodel or addition, click here.

And, the grand totals are:

  • Moen - $2,062.20
  • Hansgrohe - $3,685
  • Kohler - $4,312.45