Low-maintenance shower pans

Want an elegant-looking shower without the maintenance of a tile-and-grout shower floor?  Acrylic and solid-surface shower pans might be the answer.  Here is a collection of images to help you imagine the possibilities.   


B-Zone by BluBleu - Corian shower trays that can be installed recessed, semi-recessed, or on the floor. Grooves for stationary glass panels can be fabricated into the shower pan material for a super-clean look.
Groove by Kohler - Acrylic shower pans (available in 12 colors) with a drain in a recessed trench one side of the pan, which can be hidden with an aluminum or teak cover.  
Cast iron shower pans (Salient shown) by Kohler
Zen by Neptune


IMAGE SOURCES:  BluBleuKohlerNeptune, Solution People Inc., Modern Interior, Architecture, & Furniture Design