Our Project Assessment Package is a flat-fee consultation service that provides professional, objective guidance as you define your project.  It is a low-commitment opportunity to work with us that provides you with pertinent information in an organized, efficient, and affordable way.

Starting our projects with this approach has saved our clients money and frustration.  In some cases, our early research has identified a code requirement that would prevent permit approval or trigger additional costs beyond their resources. In other cases, we have been able to help clients create a to-do list of more detailed research their project requires and refer consultants who can help determine whether other factors will pose similar challenges. 


You, if you are:

  • deciding whether to remodel or move
  • considering a remodel project that may involve - 
    • structural changes
    • changes to mechanical, electrical, or plumbing systems
    • an addition
    • a dormer addition
    • converting a basement or attic to living space
    • reconfiguring kitchens, baths, etc.
  • looking for feedback about what is possible without making a commitment to a project yet
  • need a professional guidance about costs and timelines
  • would like help creating or refining a list of project objectives
  • considering separating a project into phases
  • building a new home


STEP 1 - property research

We will research and collect the following information (as available):

  • Parcel ID# and legal description
  • Lot size and Assessor's square footage data
  • City and/or County parcel maps (to help determine if a survey of your parcel will be required)
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) map with aerial view of your property (to clarify information recorded on parcel maps)
  • Quarter section map zoomed view (useful for creating a simple site plan when a survey is not required)
  • Zoning designation
  • Critical area maps (which show areas that may limit development options or trigger additional requirements)
  • Land use criteria (setbacks, height limits, lot coverage, required yards, buffers, etc.)
  • Archived permit application drawings (available for some properties/projects built after 1978)
  • Information about open permits (surprisingly common and may need to be resolved)
  • Archived Assessor's photos
  • Sewer cards (recorded information about installation and repair dates and a drawing of the approximate location of sewer lines on your parcel)

For properties where expansion is being considered and the land use code limits the percentage of the lot that may covered by structures, we will:

  • Preliminarily evaluate the existing lot coverage using the Assessor's square footage data. (This will either indicate that the limit has already been exceeded or suggest that square footage may be available for expansion.)
  • Advise you of next steps necessary for you to confirm actual lot coverage.


We will meet with you on location to:

  • Tour your property
  • Share the findings of our property research
  • Delve into your starting point and objectives 
  • Identify priorities
  • For remodels: Observe the structural system of your current house and discuss potential issues 
  • For new construction: Discuss pros and cons of structural systems you may be considering
  • Calibrate your budget and timeline expectations
  • Explore whether there may be alternative approaches to meet your objectives
  • Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of executing your project in multiple phases, if desired
  • Share our favorite budget forecasting references with you along with our professional advice on how to utilize them
  • Review a sample project budget that includes typical expenses in addition to construction cost and architectural fees
  • Discuss how - and when - you should select your general contractor  

A PDF summary will be emailed to you at the time of our consultation, which will include: 

  • Parcel Data
  • Land Use Criteria
  • A hyperlink to a dropbox folder where you can download the property research documents (maps, images, etc.)
  • Budget Basics, including our typical minimum construction cost per square foot, definitions of commonly misunderstood phrases, tips for maximizing your budget, and a sample project budget 
  • Timeline Basics, including our typical project timelines for design through construction
  • A list of general contractors who may be suitable for your project


A flat fee of $750 for the following locations:*

  • Seattle
  • Bellevue
  • Tacoma
  • Lakewood
  • Gig Harbor

* Contact us to request a custom quote if your location is not listed.


A $325 deposit is required to reserve your appointment.  The deposit will be applied to the total fee, which is due in full at the time of your appointment.

The deposit is refundable if you cancel your appointment by giving at least 24 hours advance notice.  Failure to provide at least 24 hours notice will result in a $325 late cancellation fee.

If you engage us for architectural services for this project within 90 days after the Project Assessment meeting, $750 will be applied to your retainer due under that agreement.