Sneak Peek: Madison Park Before & After

Remember this house that I posted about a while back on Facebook?  The one that tons of realtors had shown to prospective buyers without selling it?  Just look at that stack of realtors' cards that was on top of the flyer on the kitchen counter... (and that wasn't even all of them!)

We finished remodeling all three floors a couple of months ago. In order to make better use of the square footage, we made significant changes to the floor plan on both the first and second floors while completely renovating the kitchen, laundry, and all the bathrooms.

My client just sent me these before and after photos she took of the kitchen from the same angle, and I wanted to share this little piece of the transformation with you! 

Video Tour: Magnolia Mid-Mod

There is a lot more story to tell (and stuff to show) about this wonderfully livable and accessible home than photos alone can capture.  

So, when the fabulous Chibi Moku team decided to film in the Pacific Northwest for a few weeks this summer, Karen and I jumped at the opportunity.  Enjoy!

Our living room

I thought you might enjoy seeing what is happening at my own house.  Our house is new (not my own design -- we bought an already built home for the location).  So, my challenge has been to add a youthful vibe and transform the ocean of beige walls and carpet with just the right furniture, artwork, and window coverings.  Maybe you can relate?

Here are the before and after photos:

The sofa and chairs are from Kasala (the chairs were a custom leather).  The coffee table is vintage find, made by Lane, found at Antiques Liquidators in Seattle for $130 (a steal!).  The shelves are from Land of Nod.  The Metropolis lithograph was an anniversary present we picked up at Jack Galleries in Las Vegas (no longer in business).  

On top of the bookshelf is a vintage stereoscope from my father-in-law's former office (both he and his father we optometrists) next to a shadow box full of stereogram cards. Once useful, forever sentimental, and now beautifully displayed.  

I often call upon what William Morris once wrote as I am making decor decisions:  "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

I am working on all of the other rooms, too.  I will post more pictures as we continue to nest and decorate.  What are your decorating challenges? 

(And, yes, that is Zippy the Pinhead hiding amongst the books! )
Many of you have asked about my interior design services.  If you would like me to help you make your house the home of your dreams -- whether you need furniture and decor guidance, plan to build a new home, or want to remodel the one you already have, contact me here to tell me more about your project.  

Oliver's Deluxe Kitty Litter box

Oliver, a very curious and cuddly kitty,was in need of a litter box update at one of the homes we recently remodeled.To accommodate the owner’s need for cleanliness and ease of access, as well as Oliver’s need for privacy, we designed a custom kitty litter box cabinet which was built by Contour Woodworks.

When Oliver needs to do his business he simply walks up the ramp, turns the corner and... well, you get the picture. The U-turn entry sequence and sloped trim around the litter box keep the litter in the box. There is even a little LED light inside that turns on when it is dark inside.  

When it is time to clean up, the cabinet doors swing open and the litter box is pulled out like a drawer. Waste bags and scoop are stored on the shelf above the ramp area.

Hawthorne Hills Kitchen - Before & After

Three years ago, this kitchen was relocated within the existing footprint of the house.  The change was very dramatic - opening the kitchen, dining, and living rooms to each other and creating a larger, more functional laundry room.  Last night, the homeowner was testing out a new camera and send some candid shots along with news that the kitchen still looks like new!  

And, this is what that same space looked like during construction:

Hawthorne Hills Kitchen Remodel